What are DApps?

A DApps, a decentralized application.

DApps are services running on a blockchain. In addition, all data is stored completely transparently but encrypted. To create DApps, developers use open source computer code since they are accessible to everyone. 

In fact, DApps are searchable and can be taken over by anyone. Ethereum is the blockchain where there are a majority of DApps. DApps can run on one or more blockchains.

DApps use cryptocurrency or tokens.

Une DApps est une application décentralisée.

What is the difference between DApps and a “normal” application?

These depend on a network of machines making them more secure and resistant to attacks.
The difference between a DApps and a so-called “normal” application is the “back-end”. Indeed, on a DApps, each action is recorded. No deletion, no censorship is possible.