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The Final Season of Axie Infinity Will Last Until June 24

Developers from Sky Mavis have announced that Season 21 of Axie Infinity will be the final one. Players are waiting for more rewards. Next, the company will come to grips with work on Axie Infinity: Origin and the new Arena mode.

Winning the final season of classic Axie Infinity will bring rewards to 300,000 gamers. The top ten will receive a significantly higher reward than before.

The total pool of rewards will be 130,171 AXS tokens, which is equivalent to about $5.8 million. Here is how the developers plan to distribute these tokens:

Distribution of prizes in the Axie Infinity tournament

Gamers with a high rating will get a good increase in daily farming. However, this did not make the community too happy. The fact is that the cost of a farming SLP token is decreasing. Over the past month, it has lost 30% in price and is now trading at $0.01242, according to DappRadar.

In this regard, many community members ask the developers from Sky Mavis to add utility to SLP. Perhaps the token will get more use cases in Axie Infinity: Origin.

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Let’s note that the new Arena mode will replace the classic seasons. There will be 4 Arena seasons per year for 2 months with a one-month break. Battles will be held in 3 modes:

Practice ModeRanked ModeTournament Mode

The first two modes will be available all the time, while tournaments will be available periodically. Rewards will be issued only in ranked and tournament battles. And practice is introduced so that players can combine the Axies they have to get a more viable combination.

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