Definition of Play to Earn

The principle of Play to Earn is to reward players who bring value to the game ecosystem.

The game is free to play and the player invests in new features, characters, equipment, rare items… and receives earnings in return.

The concept is based on the idea of earning rewards for playing. These rewards vary depending on the game and can take many forms that can be converted into cash:

– Crypto-currencies,
– NFT,
– Governance tokens.

These games are based on blockchain technology: security, authenticity and decentralization

Le principe de Play to Earn est utilisé dans de nombreux jeux multijoueurs en ligne.

Play To Earn platforms

– Sorare,
– Axie Infinity,
– My Neighbor Alice,
– Cryptoblabes,
– Splinterlands,
– Farmers World,
– Forest Knight,
– Elementos,
– Division Network,
– Metalands,
– Pet Games.