What are uses of the blockchain?

The three main areas of use of blockchain technology

La blockchain permet un transfert d'actifs.

Transfer of assets: currency, shares…

Better traceability of assets and products

Le but de Proof of Stake est de traiter les transactions et créer de nouveaux blocs dans la blockchain
La blockchain permet l'exécution automatique des smarts contracts.

Automatic execution of smart contracts

Blockchain is also used a lot when it comes to NFTs and tokenization. This allows you to own digital works (music, painting, etc.) and to have proof of ownership to obtain a commercial value for resale.

How would blockchain change the world?

The blockchain, a revolution for the world

Blockchain would change the world because we could:

Use the blockchain is possible on the connected objects you have. This allows you to better protect your data and to give access to it only to you or people you have authorized.

Utiliser la blockchain est possible sur les objets connectés dont vous disposez.
Utiliser la blockchain dans le domaine de la santé serait une révolution.

Use the blockchain in the field of health, it would be a revolution. Indeed, for some time now, we have been increasingly confronted with the problem of the hacking of data. Using the blockchain would make our data more secure and give us the opportunity to choose who we want to share our personal information with. This would also facilitate the transfer of our files between different medical establishments.

Using the blockchain could also be essential regarding copyrights. Today, it is difficult to keep an eye on everything and enforce copyright protection. The blockchain could again be of great use because it would further strengthen security and make hacking impossible.

Utiliser la blockchain pourrait également être indispensable concernant les droits d’auteur.

These are a sample of why blockchain could change the world but, one thing is for sure, it would further strengthen the security of our data.

The use of blockchain will create a new economy but also a new social organization.

Blockchain in everyday life

The blockchain will be present in all areas ranging from technology to the health sector. It will make a real revolution in the economy and will thus make it possible to further secure our data and therefore make it more reliable.